Map Inventory


Visual Inventory on Map. This plugin is separated part from Alpha ABS plugin.


  • 25 items on page, support multi pages
  • Items separated on categories
  • From inventory you can Equip items or use it
  • You can drag inventory window by Mouse

  • Supports items description with escape characters

  • Allows you create visual chests (very easy, one plugin command only)

  • Player own storage chest (in which the player can move items from the inventory to temporary storage and take them back)
  • Full and easy customization

WARNING: Plugin is designed for work with Mouse!

Versions and Licenses:



Map Inventory. 


Free for use in NON-COMMERCIAL


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Map Inventory. Visual Chest. Player Storage.




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How to use Map Inventory:

All plugin instructions and commands are listed in the plugin help section.

Open\Close inventory - "I" key. You can change it in Plugin Parameters

If you want create Custom item Type

Use Notes: <aItemType: TYPE>, <aItemTypeColor: COLOR>


Inventory visual settings file: data\PKD_MapInventorySettings.json
By default inventory have not any sound effect at opening, you can set it to any SE, see openInventorySE in settings file

How to use Visual Chests:

  1. Add plugin command: VisualChest
  2. Then add one of change Actor equipment default commands: Change ItemsChange WeaponsChange Armors
  3. You can add multiple commands (one next one)
  4. When one of this three commands ends, Visual Chests will appear automatically (don't add any other commands between)
⚠️ Change gold - not works with Visual Chest


If you want change Chest title

Instead plugin command VisualChest use VisualChest NAME, where NAME - chest name (without quotes)

Example: VisualChest Treasures
Chest visual settings file: data\PKD_MapChestSettings.json
By default chest have not any sound effect at opening, you can set it to any SE, see openChestSE in settings file

If you want Store Chest items (after closing chest)

Plugin command VisualChestStored - allows you to create chests that remember their items. If the player did not take all items from this chest, he can then return and take the remaining ones

You can rename Stored Chest like Visual Chest, just add some Name after plugin command

Example: VisualChestStored Stored

Some Important notes:

Stored Visual Chests increase the size of the player's save data (save file) and memory, as they store all their items in memory.

For improve game performance, you can use script calls:
ClearAllStoredChests() - clear all chests from memory
ClearStoredChestsOnMap() - clear all chests on current map
ClearStoredChestsOnMap(MAP_ID) - clear all chests on map MAP_ID

TIP : If player never return to current map that have many opened stored chests, just call ClearStoredChestsOnMap() before transfer player from this map

How to use Player Storage:

For open player storage, use plugin command: MapUserChest


  • You can't put Equipped Items to Storage
  • You can't put Key Items to Storage

Visual settings file: data\PKD_UserChestSettings.json

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  1. Thank you for your great, great, plugins.
    I don't know how to use the plugin "VisualChestStored".
    I create a chest event, I leave an item but I don't know how to get it after closing the chest.
    Can you help me?.
    Thank you very much.